Why Work for GMS?

GMS is committed to ensuring our staff are the best they can be. We achieve this via the GMS Academy which allows us to demonstrate a commitment to continuous development by:

Partnering with industry bodies like the International Jack-Up Barge Operators Association (IJUBOA) with whom we developed the IJUBOA Award in Jack-Up Barge Operations to develop the competence of Self-Propelled Jack-Up Barge Masters. As an accredited delivery center GMS delivers this training, assured by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), to its’ Masters and Masters in Training; it is available to industry SESV/Jack-Up-Barge Operators via STC in Rotterdam.

Providing further opportunities to engage in modern, innovative training delivered both on and off-shore, such as our industry leading Jacking Courses and Manoeuvring simulator.

Ensuring the safety of our employees via the development of, and adherence to, the GMS Life Saving Rules that ensures all employees have the knowledge and skills required to complete their job/task safely.

Providing a robust training pipeline encapsulated within Individual Learning Paths (ILPs) that, with the Online and Site-Specific Inductions, familiarise individuals with their Training and Competence requirement when first employed and throughout their GMS career.

Continually seeking to increase individual, team, vessel and Company performance via our Performance Coaching ethos which is delivered off-shore by dedicated Off-shore Performance Coaches (O-SPCs).

An ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certified Company
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