Our experience of successful project management and delivery, combined with our internationally recognised quality management standards and safety record, makes GMS an ideal partner for clients in the renewables sector. We provide an integrated wind turbine transport and installation service and are committed to working with our clients in order to develop solutions and operational processes to reduce offshore wind industry costs and ensure the long-term viability.  GMS has carried out turbine and transformer installation operations in the Southern North Sea and offshore Germany and continues to expand its work in the renewable energy sector.

In 2017 we developed an innovative crew transfer system for one of our Large Class SESVs. The system, designed for a wind farm client in Europe, became operational in early 2018 and provides a retractable access tower (pictured below) that enables the safe and efficient high volume movement of personnel to and from our vessel to crew transfer vessels whilst our SESV remains jacked up on location. This industry-first solution helps to deliver a more cost-effective use of the project’s offshore accommodation provision and our SESV’s working deck by negating the need to frequently jack down to allow the transfer of personnel and equipment to and from the shore.

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