GMS has provided barges to the Oil and Gas Industry since 1977. Our range of services includes providing support for Top side maintenance, Well Intervention, Commissioning and accommodation activities.

Our experience has enabled us to find ways to make our barges increasingly efficient and versatile, enabling them to perform enhanced tasks for our clients, at a lower cost.

Our latest innovation is our new Cantilever system which has been developed with exactly these principles at its heart. GMS’ new cantilever is set to provide clients with a much greater range of options in the way they use our barges to service their offshore assets. Developed in partnership with leading Norwegian designer Dwellop A.S., this innovative system will provide current and prospective clients with new cost-effective solutions for work that has traditionally been performed by more expensive non-propelled drilling rigs.

The new cantilever system enables our barges to replace much higher cost drilling rigs for workover operations by offering greater efficiencies, quicker servicing times and lower costs. Our barges can deploy sooner, do not require tugs and the time spent rigging up, rigging down and lifting backwards and forwards is removed. Therefore, significant periods of non-productive time is eliminated, resulting in substantial cost savings for our clients.

Many of the platforms we service are located in shallow water and are well advanced in their operational lifecycle. This creates asset integrity issues, which traditional servicing methods struggle to resolve. The new cantilever allows GMS to address these issues by enabling heavy loads to be supported over the well head without transferring that load to the well head structure itself. Both the technical and commercial cases for developing the new system were therefore highly compelling.

Dwellop A.S. is a former Rolls Royce Marine company and a reputed designer and supplier of topside handling systems for well intervention. The rig and equipment technology is proven and was developed for the harsh environment of the North Sea under the quality requirements of Rolls-Royce.

Rigless Well Services: Current Operations

GMS barges provides a stable platform for accommodation and support of Well Services operations including Pumping, Wireline, Coil Tubing, Well Test & Clean-up operations.

Cantilever for Well Intervention and Work Over Operations

    GMS has developed two Cantilever designs to support intervention

  • a) Light Well Intervention Cantilever focused on aiding safer and more efficient operations for Pumping, Logging, Coil tubing, Well Test & Clean up operations.
  • b) E Class Work Over Cantilever with automated hoist and top drive system to support heavier workover scopes requiring handling of drill pipe and completion strings. This complete system is designed to perform operations such as plugging and abandonment, light drilling, change out of submerged pumps and completions.

E-Class Workover Cantilever

    Regional Drivers

  • Drilling Rig reduction/ OPEX Optimisation Projects
  • Maintaining Existing Oil Production
  • Reservoir Management to Extend Field Life
  • Regional Production Enhancement Gains From

  • Workover of shut-in wells
  • Failed B Annulus Repairs
  • “Change of use” for wells
  • Secondary recovery – Gas lift/ESP/Velocity String
  • Slot recoveries
  • Sidetracking
  • Stimulation
  • Assets Life Cycle Management

  • Conductor repairs
  • Platform retirement
  • Plug & Abandonment

Light Well Intervention Cantilever

    Regional Drivers

  • Drilling Rig reduction OPEX Optimisation Projects
  • Lift Boat potential for wider scope
  • Maintaining Oil Production
  • Ageing Assets
  • Regional Production Enhancement Gains From

  • Water Shut-Off
  • Gas Shut-Off
  • Depleted reservoirs
  • Mechanical integrity repairs
  • Scale remediation
  • Stimulation
  • Extending Asset Life Through

  • Conductor repairs
  • Annular integrity remediation
  • Corrosion mapping of concentric strings – Thru Tubing

The first two cantilever systems are scheduled for delivery in 2016.

Comparison of GMS SESV with Workover Cantilever vs conventional Jackup Rig – Case Study

E Class Workover Cantilever Operations

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