Code of Governance and Compliance

Good corporate governance is integral to all aspects of GMS’ business and the Board is accountable to all stakeholders for accurate and comprehensive financial reporting and achievement of the Company’s strategic goals.

The Board is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and complies with the relevant requirements of the UK Corporate Governance Code published in April 2016 by the Financial Reporting Council.  The Company will report to its shareholders on its compliance in accordance with the Listing Rules.

The UK Corporate Governance Code recommends that at least half the Board of Directors of a UK-listed company, excluding the chairman, should comprise Non-Executive Directors determined by the Board to be independent in character and judgment and free from relationships or circumstances which may affect, or could appear to affect, the director’s judgment.  The Board consists of three Non-Executive Directors (including the Non-Executive Chairman) and one Executive Director.  The Company regards all of the Non-Executive Directors as ‘independent Non-Executive Directors’ within the meaning of the UK Corporate Governance Code.  Simon Batey is the Senior Independent Director.  The directors are subject to annual re-election.

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