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GMS is the leading provider of advanced self-propelled Self-Elevating Support Vessels (SESVs) serving offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sectors globally, with a focus on the MENA region and Northwest Europe. The Group’s client base comprises national and international oil companies, EPC contractors and renewable energy contractors (supporting the construction and maintenance of wind farms).

As both builders and operators of its own sophisticated SESV fleet, GMS is able to tailor its vessels to suit clients’ evolving needs, providing cost-effective and innovative offshore support solutions. This has become increasingly relevant in the current oil price environment as its core, opex-focused oil and gas clients seek to extract maximum value from their offshore assets while minimising costs.

Our focus is on maximising vessel utilisation and maintaining our strong client relationships.  We continually seek ways to enhance our offering and in 2017 we introduced the world’s first SESV cantilever system, complete with a well workover unit, which was installed on one of our Large Class vessels.  This system enables us to deliver a wider range of well services from our vessels and allows us to compete for workover activity previously only able to be carried out from expensive jackup drilling rigs. We believe that flexibility and faster movement and deployment of equipment between wellheads is essential, especially in the current market environment, and that demand for this system will increase as our oil and gas clients see the value it brings to their operations.  In 2018 we saw another industry first from GMS when our innovative boat landing and access system became operational; this is fitted to one of our SESVs that is providing offshore mobile accommodation for our client’s personnel working on a wind farm project in Europe. The system enables the safe and efficient high volume movement of personnel to and from our vessel for in-field transfers while it remains jacked up on location and delivers a more cost-effective use of the project’s offshore accommodation provision by negating the need to frequently transfer personnel to and from the shore.


  • Cost-Effective – GMS provides high quality solutions in a price conscious market.
  • Flexible – As both builder and operator, GMS tailors its vessels to clients’ evolving requirements.
  • Efficient – Faster moves in-field than conventional jackups, no need for anchor handling or tug support; fuel efficient.
  • Innovative – GMS has the technical and operational expertise to enhance its offering and increase market share (e.g. development of pioneering cantilever systems that will enable SESVs to supplant drilling rigs).
  • The Safe Choice – Proven track record of 40 years of successful operations.
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