Brighton College, Abu Dhabi

All Set! Rich pickings for CATS at GMS Yard (2013)

Staff and parents involved in Brighton College’s production of CATS scavenged skips and worked their way through warehouses at GMS’ yard in Mussafah, scratching around and searching for materials to make a great set. The yard, where GMS builds and maintains its jackup barges, proved rich pickings, with everything from scaffolding and scramble nets to varying sizes of cable spools ‘purrfect’ and very cool for CATS!

John Petticrew, technical director at GMS, said: “Brighton College’s visit was well-timed as we were reorganising our yard to make room for new deliveries in readiness for our next new-build project. They found many useful items amongst our condemned damaged and old stock. It just goes to show, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!”

Scavengers for CATS


Left to Right: Saji Thomas, construction superintendent at GMS; Kate Bradley, deputy head prep school; Catherine Clark, show producer and parent; Ed Cousens, director of drama; and Philip Barnuevo, HSE officer at GMS.

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